Pitts 300x200 | Pittsburgh PipeAmerican Made, two words that you don’t hear much of nowadays. When you see an American Made product what do you think, quality, more jobs in the US or do you feel pride? Whatever comes to mind, most Americans love seeing that tag.
If you have a running list of American Made products be sure to add Pittsburgh Pipe steel pipes to that list. We’ve been making steel casing pipe in America since 1977, and we are proud to be an American owned and operated company. From Manufacturing and fabricating steel casing pipe, fiber optic piping, drilled shaft and much more, to distributing our products nationwide we do it all with our customers in mind.
Born, raised and staying in the heartland.
When Joseph Bergfeld and Bill Manser started Pittsburgh Pipe in St. Louis, Missouri, they knew the location was going to be perfect. Now as we have expanded, we have stayed in the heart of the United States with easy access to rail, truck and river transportation. This allows us to fulfill our promise to customers, to deliver the right pipe, right on time.
Although having a successful business is important, there is really nothing like being able to say, “Our products are creating the American infrastructure.”
We are a team of individuals who take great pride in providing not only the right product, but a quality product. We are proud that out products can be found in all 50 states, from Maine to Alaska, and we are proud that throughout the years we’ve been able to stay a local business. While many are selling and moving on from their roots, we are sticking with ours.
We are approaching our 40th anniversary, and can say we wouldn’t have made it without our dedicated team and customers, but we also couldn’t have made it without our amazing community and country. We are proud of our home town, our country, and the product we supply nationwide.