Pipe Coupling

Keep your piping held together with pipe coupling.

For more than 20 years, Pittsburgh Pipe has successfully supplied a full range of pipe coupling solutions to outside plant industries including telecommunications, electrical, and water and sewer. Our strategic relationships with manufacturers who carry an extensive inventory ready for immediate shipment have allowed Pittsburgh Pipe to supply the right couplers, right on time for an array of jobs, from pre-planned projects to emergency repairs.

Pipe Coupling Experts

Our couplings are our most simple type of fitting. They are the component that connects one part to another, usually permanently. Our couplings can connect pipe to pipe, pipe to a fitting, or when needed, fitting to fitting. When it comes to the telecommunications industry, our couplings are used to transfer energy from one medium, such as a metallic wire or an optical fiber, to another medium. They also transfer electrical energy from one circuit segment to another. This is a crucial part of every project, which is why all our couplings are held to a high standard of quality.

Our team has successfully supplied a full line of couplings for over 20 years to the telecom and water/sewer industries. Many companies continue to come to Pittsburgh Pipe because we are one of the largest stocking distributors in the Midwest, with an extensive inventory that is ready for immediate shipment. We have had the pleasure of working with engineers, contractors and telephone companies to deliver the exact couplings they need to make their projects successful.


Installation is fast and easy; no heat or tools are needed. Simply push the duct ends into the coupler for a locked and air-sealed assembly. The compact profile of the PUSH-LOCK is well suited for use in pull boxes, vaults, or other limited-access areas such as narrow trenches. The non-metallic construction provides excellent corrosion resistance in buried or encased applications. The PUSH-LOCK is non-transparent and contains UV inhibitors, but is not recommended for aerial applications.

  • Simple, one person “push-on” assembly lowers installation costs
  • Self-locking ring design assembles in seconds; is re-enterable
  • High strength molded plastic body ideal for buried duct applications
  • Pre-lubricated O-ring is watertight and airtight
  • Suitable for both cable pulling and jetting applications

Shur-Lock II

Shur-Lock II is a plastic coupler designed for pipe coupling HDPE & PVC conduit. It can also be used to couple dissimilar conduits such as HDPE to PVC, threaded or non-threaded metal conduit, or fiberglass (FRP) conduit. The coupler features stainless steel band clamps (hand tightened using a 5/16″ nut driver) and locking ring. A pre-lubricated O-ring forms an airtight seal to withstand 125 PSI. Also, a specialized coupler for use by electrical installers requiring ETL/UL listing.

  • One-person installation
  • Re-enterable, no special tools required
  • Airtight and watertight
  • No ID reduction
  • Excellent pull out strength on HDPE, PVC, FRP, and steel
  • No-stop version available for confined areas or repairs
  • ETL listed to CSA STD C22.2 18.3-04
  • Listed to UL STD 514B

Split-Loc II

The Split-Loc II is a split coupler produced from a glass fiber-reinforced nylon resin. The coupler is heat and UV stabilized, and offers excellent impact strength. It is reusable, making it ideal for temporarily coupling conduits, particularly at slack-loop locations, and also for air-assisted jetting applications. The coupler is easily assembled using a 7/16” nut driver.

  • No special tools required
  • Reusable – can install with cable inside
  • Heat, UV stabilized
  • Fungus and chemical resistant
  • Airtight and watertight
  • No ID reduction
  • Not recommended for plow chute
  • Meets UL 514B pullout requirements
  • ETL listed to UL STD 514B and CSA STD C22.2 18.3
  • Made in the USA

Aluminum Reverse Thread

Reverse-threaded aluminum coupler. Tapered threads accommodate a wide range of conduit ODs within a given conduit size.

  • Wide tolerance to fit most conduits
  • Easy to install
  • Not airtight or watertight
  • Threads may reduce conduit ID
  • Self-threading, which draws each end of the conduit into the center of the coupler

These couplers are airtight and sufficient for blowing. They are not watertight.

Aluminum couplers should NOT be installed under the following conditions:
* In wet environments or submerged in water
* In strong acidic or alkaline environments outside the PH range of 4 to 8
* Near saltwater or direct exposure to road salt run off
* In concrete or cement stabilized sand

Aluminum Barbed

Requires use of hydraulic coupling press

This line of couplers is best suited for applications that require couplers to be airtight. Each of the three precision machined barbs penetrate the outer surface of the innerduct providing an airtight seal. Not only do these barbs provide excellent sealing capability, but also provide excellent pull-out strength. This line of couplers come in sizes from 3/4″ to 2″. For proper installation, a hydraulic coupler press should be used. These couplers are airtight sufficient for blowing. They are not watertight.

Aluminum couplers should NOT be installed under the following conditions:
* In wet environments or submerged in water
* In strong acidic or alkaline environments outside the PH range of 4 to 8
* Near saltwater or direct exposure to road salt run off
* In concrete or cement stabilized sand

Hydraulic Coupling Press and Inserts

The aluminum hydraulic coupler press is the recommended tool for the installation of press-on barbed couplers. Its tried and tested design has proven to be a dependable means of installing barbed couplers. Each press comes complete with one set of inserts of your choice.

All mechanical components are housed within the frame to protect them from dirt and other contamination. Clamps are machined from solid billet, not cast, and are sized to accept removable inserts from 3/4″ to 2″.

2-Piece Split Couplings

This series of reusable airtight molded pipe coupling was introduced specifically to replace the costly two-piece metal couplings. Made of injection-molded and UV-resistant, glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, they are ideally suited for both aerial and underground applications.

The couplings are removable and lightweight, sealing completely to 200 lbs. PSI and are guaranteed to handle tensile loads up to 600 lbs. The gasket feature also allows for a .020″ to .030″ variation in the outside diameter of the innerduct and can easily be installed with either a handheld or battery-powered nut driver.

Considering the combined benefits of lower initial cost, lightweight build, versatility and reusability makes this series of couplings an ideal solution for coupling applications.


A low-cost PVC push-on coupler with a molded rubber gripping insert. Can be used on HDPE, PVC, fiberglass (FRE), and metal conduit. Transition couplers are used to join ducts with different outside diameters.

The Double E-LOC versions are suitable for cable blowing applications.

  • Fast push-on installation
  • Inexpensive, one-person installation
  • Low pull out strength
  • Not recommended for blowing or plow chute applications

Double E-LOC

The Double E-LOC versions are suitable for cable blowing applications and are UV resistant for aerial use.

  • Non-metallic union for cable blowing installation
  • Fits smooth and ribbed duct
  • Fits combination smooth end/ribbed end
  • For PVC, steel pipe, fiberglass HDPE ducts
  • UV resistant for aerial use

Micro Couplings

Micro Couplers are used to join two segments of MicroDucts. Straight and Transition couplers are available. Multiple sizes are available from 5 mm to 27 mm.

  • Easy assembly/disassembly, no tools required
  • Provide an air and watertight connection
  • Color coded by size
  • Tested to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of CENELEC EN 50411-2-8:2009 Standard for MicroDuct Connectors, for Air Blown Optical Fibers
  • Low-profile design

Electro Fusion Couplings

Electrofusion Couplings are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM F-1055 for use with pipe conforming to ASTM D2513/3035, F-714 and with butt fittings conforming to ASTM D3261 as applicable.

PE2406 Electrofusion Couplings are produced from a pre-blended virgin resin that has a PPI listing of PE2406, which complies with ASTM D3350. PE3408/PE4710 Electrofusion Couplings are produced from a pre-blended virgin resin that has a PPI listing of PE3408, which complies with ASTM D3350.

This resin carries an NSF Standard 61 listing for use with potable water.

Morris Couplers

The Morris pipe coupling is quickly and easily installed by slipping onto or wrapping around a conduit joint. The thick neoprene gasket assures a positive butt joint seal. It accommodates a variety of conduit types including HDPE, cast iron, PVC, and fiberglass. The stainless-steel design offers a lightweight and economical unit, which is strong and durable. Zinc-plated carbon steel bolts are included for tightening the coupling.

  • High pull out strength > 1,000 lbs.
  • No special tools required
  • One-person installation
  • Easy means to join large conduit
  • Stainless steel construction

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