Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) Tubes

Improve Your Next Project With Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CSL)

Cross sonic logging (CSL) is the most requested test method for drilled shaft integrity by Departments of Transportation (DOTs) throughout the United States. CSL test pipes are usually attached to the reinforcement cage along the entire length of the shaft.

What Is CSL Pipe Used for in Construction Projects?

Pittsburgh Pipe’s CSL pipes are composed of steel or PVC pipe. Steel pipes are typically preferred over PVC pipes because PVC material can debond from concrete due to heat from the concrete hydration process. Debonded pipes often lead to inconsistent concrete test results.

Our CSL pipes are frequently used as a quality assurance measure to guarantee the stability of drilled shaft foundations and structural integrity. Our customizable CSL pipes can also be used to test slurry walls, auger cast piles, mat foundations, and mass concrete pours. This type of testing can also be performed to determine the integrity of a drilled shaft by finding potential problems like soil intrusions, sand lenses, or voids.

Concrete Foundation Testing Cylinders and More

Pittsburgh Pipe is a premier CSL testing pipe manufacturer in the United States with over 40 years of steel experience. We can design and manufacture CSL pipes for any construction project by applying the feedback we’ve received from our customers across the country.

We can manufacture CSL pipes to custom-fit each drilled shaft based on the total length of the shaft. Our advanced process reduces material waste and time spent cutting in the field. It also saves our customers money with assets that handle any degree of foundation testing.

We can pre-thread pipes in lengths from 1 foot to 42 feet. We use malleable iron couplers to join the CSL pipes together or malleable iron caps to close off the end of the pipe. Pittsburgh Pipe ships your specially designed CSL pipes straight to the jobsite, ready to be installed, so you don’t need to worry about transporting them from location to location. All exposed threads are carefully protected with durable thread protectors, which eliminate any potential damage during shipping.

Perform a Pile Integrity Test on Your Concrete Sample

Our piping services reduce risk and cost. Whether you need piling pipe, fittings, or more, Pittsburgh Pipe has you covered. Learn more about our piping solutions.

What Are the Concrete Testing Specifications?

According to Section of ACI 318-19, the concrete’s specified compressive strength must be based on the 28-day test results unless specified otherwise in the construction project documents. Three- or seven-day test results are used to monitor the concrete slab’s early strength gain, especially when high early strength concrete is used. However, it’s important to note that three- and seven-day test results are not commonly used for acceptance purposes.

The acceptance criteria for the specified compressive strength according to Section of ACI 318-19 are:

  • Every arithmetic average of any three consecutive strength tests equals or exceeds the specified compressive strength
  • No strength test falls below the specified compressive strength by more than 500 psi (3.5 MPa) if the specified compressive strength is 5000 psi (35 MPa) or less;
    • Or by more than 10 percent of the specified compressive strength if the specified compressive strength exceeds 5000 psi (35 MPa)

Sections and of ACI 318-19, ACI 301-20 “Specifications for Concrete Construction,” and ACI 311.6-18 “Specification for Testing Ready Mixed Concrete” require concrete strength tests for acceptance to be the average of at least two 6 by 12 inch (150 x 300 mm) cylinders or at least three 4 by 8 inch (100 x 200 mm) cylinders.

Pittsburgh Pipe’s technicians build your custom CSL pipes to accurately test your concrete construction and ensure your materials are structurally sound. Because we handle every step of the fabrication and manufacturing processes in house, we get everything right so you can keep your project on schedule and within budget. Our processes include 25 detailed inspections and measurements to ensure the products we deliver are of the highest quality possible.

Delivering CSL Pipe Through Our Consultative Sales Process

Time is money. Pittsburgh Pipe reduces the time you waste making onsite adjustments by getting it right beforehand. We pre-thread and cut CSL pipe to custom lengths in house, before the product arrives at your construction site. We tailor all of our projects to your specific needs, from fabrication to distribution.

Because we get it right the first time, there are no delays in testing and you can keep your project on schedule. Our services don’t end once we deliver your product. With our post-delivery support, we provide everything you need to pass inspection. Our technicians can give you quality assurance and quality control documentation, certificates of compliance, shop drawings, lab tests, and anything else you request.

We wouldn’t have lasted 40 years in the industry without learning how to treat our customers. Your project’s success becomes our priority when you trust our team to provide the CSL pipes you need. A business relationship with us means you always get the right pipe, right on time.

Pittsburgh Pipe Supplies:

  • Domestic U.S. Steel, ASTM – A53 Grade B, with complete mill test reports
  • Pipes manufactured in 1.5- and 2-inch O.D., schedule 40
  • Pipes manufactured in lengths from 1 foot to 42 feet
  • Custom pipe lengths based on drilled shaft depths
  • Watertight malleable iron caps and couplers
  • Pipes threaded on both ends
  • Exposed threads protected with Pittsburgh Pipe thread protectors

How To Reduce Construction Costs for CSL Testing

Construction projects are expensive. However, there are ways to reduce overall costs while ensuring concrete integrity:

Order the Right Materials

As mentioned previously, CSL testing pipes come in steel and PVC materials. The wrong CSL pipes could result in crumbling foundations. Ordering the right materials for your construction project ensures you have what you need for a durable concrete structure.

Without the proper materials, you risk additional product costs and a potential liability. Pittsburgh Pipe is here to guarantee you have the pipe you need for your construction project.

Come With Ready-Made Testing Pipes

Pittsburgh Pipe’s CSL pipes are customizable for every construction project. Customizable CSL pipes reduce labor costs and increase overall project productivity.

Ready-made testing pipes reduce labor costs because workers spend less time cutting, threading, and piecing components together and more time completing the visual inspection. In addition, customized testing pipes get the project done quicker and according to the predetermined timeline.

Partner With a Reliable Concrete Testing Equipment Supplier

CSL pipes offer many benefits for concrete construction projects, including increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and enhanced accuracy. CSL testing pipes are more reliable than sonic echo testing because they can detect structural defects as well as the extent, depth, and approximate location of those defects.

Since 1977, Pittsburgh Pipe has been a trusted concrete testing equipment supplier. We’ve given contractors, distributors, and suppliers reliable and fully customized piping solutions for any construction project that comes their way. We build CSL pipes to your specifications and deliver your products when you need them. Our locations in the midwestern United States allow swift truck, rail, and river transportation. You always receive the right pipe, right on time.

Contact us today to start customizing your CSL testing pipes!