Split Steel Casing

Let Pittsburgh Pipe solve your tricky pipe situations.

When your underground project is in a tricky location that doesn’t allow for welding, split casing pipe is the answer. Split casing or a split pipe sleeve for emergency repair, relocation, and expansion are all done by our skilled staff to provide the pipe fix you need as soon as possible.

Split Steel Casing Pipe

Pittsburgh Pipe has manufactured split steel casing pipe, also known as split steel conduit, for over 20 years.  As experts, we serve the underground gas and water & sewer markets, as well as the telecommunications sector.  No matter how extensive your pipe project is, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding your expectations and creating customized solutions for any piping need.


Sometimes the “replacement” of a utility line just isn’t an option.  A contractor can rely on protecting or re-protecting expensive lines without the disruption of service by encasing the existing utility in split steel casing. 


When a roadway or move is required and the cost of replacement exceeds the project budget, split casing can assist in moving a line in-place.


When existing utility lines need to be extended, the added lines often need to be encased after installation.  Split steel casing could be the answer to line expansions for bridgework and areas similar to railroad and highway properties, where permits require the lines to be encased.

We provide two different styles of split casing.


We take standard sections of steel pipe and arc-gouge them longitudinally on both sides to maintain the pipe’s circularity.  We leave a small section that is attached on both ends that can be cut in the field at the time of installation to work for you.  The sizes available are 12 ¾-inch through 72-inch outside diameter and a full range of wall thicknesses.


Split and flanged casing is specifically offered for projects in which field welding is not an available option.  The pipe is split longitudinally with split flanges attached to both ends and pre-drilled flat bars attached on each horizontal side.  All standard hardware for assembly is included. Split and flanged pipe is available in 12 ¾-inch through 72-inch outside diameter and a full range of wall thicknesses. Special coatings and linings are also available.  


Split steel casing is ideal for the encasement of communication lines, gas pipes, conduit runs, water sanitary pipes, and utility corridors. It has the strength to lie under walkways and driveways and is the perfect solution to encase utilities while leaving them undisturbed.

Your Split Casing Pipe Needs

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