Turning Slots/J Slot

We fabricate turning slots and more.

Pittsburgh Pipe can supply pipes with plain ends or with any custom or fabricated elements needed for drilled shaft construction projects, such as weld bands, turning slots, teeth attachments, lifting lugs/lifting eyes, and more. A turning/j slot is typically custom cut to your dimensions “in the flat” prior to rolling the pipe. This assures a more exact and accurate profile.

What Kind of Slots Do We Fabricate?

We fabricate turning slots and j slots, also known as twisting slots for drilled shaft construction projects. What is drilled shaft construction? It’s a construction process used for deep foundations, and it often uses steel pipe to create concrete caissons or bored piles. The pipe helps create these deep foundation solutions that strengthen the ground in areas with weak soil or rocky ground, which makes shallow foundations impossible. Pipe with turning slots and j-slots is fabricated by Pittsburgh Pipe to help your filled shaft construction move along smoothly and efficiently. 

Pipe Construction Perks

Pittsburgh Pipe provides turning slots for steel pipe used in drilled shaft construction projects. We customize your turning slots and j slots to fit your particular construction needs. When you have a drilled shaft construction project, Pittsburgh Pipe can supply pipe with the following:

  • Any Diameter/Wall Thickness/Length Combination
  • Pipe Coatings
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Turning Slots/J Slot/Twisting Slots
  • Lifting Eyes/Lifting Lugs
  • Cutting Teeth Installation
  • Reinforcing Bands and Drive Shoes
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Shop Drawings
  • QA/QC Documentation
  • Casing Manufactured in the U.S. From Domestic Steel
  • Steel Casing Expert On-Call 24/7/365

Call 800-325-2653 and let Pittsburgh Pipe be your one-stop shop for standard and custom fabricated drilled shafts, caissons, and vertical casing. We customize your drilled shaft pipe, turning slots, and other piping components according to your project’s needs and specifications.

Work With the Drilled Shaft Experts at Pittsburgh Pipe

With a wide range of drilled shaft solutions to choose from, Pittsburgh Pipe takes your project to the next level. When we take on your project, we provide the customized turning slots you need to complete the drilled shafts for your foundation, allowing it to support your new structure.