Cable Conduit

With hundreds of choices in innerduct, choose Pittsburgh Pipe. Keeping order within your piping and providing additional longevity are some of the most essential parts of an innerduct. As one of the premier pipe companies in America, we focus on what our clients need. With many different options to choose from, our cable conduit will ensure your project lasts for years to come. Trust Pittsburgh Pipe with all of your piping needs.

The Right Pipe, Right On Time

Pittsburgh Pipe has over 40-years of experience providing the best pipes across the country. Each of our products undergoes 25 inspections to ensure compliance and high-quality standards. In addition to high-quality, many of our pipes are available immediately for those last minute projects. Our goal is to provide you with the best pipe for any job or project, and our team is prepared to help you decide which of our products will fit best for you.

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