End Fittings/Pipe Pile Tips

Pipe pile tips and more.

Pittsburgh Pipe offers multiple types of end fittings/pipe pile tips for any project, so you always have an options. Whatever project you’re working on, we have an end fitting to meet project specifications.

End Fitting Types


Pittsburgh Pipe is proud to be a U.S. distributor of the DFP Foundation Products Tapertube,™ the ideal pile for land or marine projects. They are the only tapered piles available with heavier wall thicknesses ranging up to 0.500 inches produced from 50 KSI steel.

This extra thickness and higher grade steel often eliminates the need for extra coating and internal reinforcement. Larger hammers may be used with these piles to provide higher capacities, greater effectiveness, increased productivity, and lower costs.

Tapertube™ size and geometry can be configured to meet capacity requirements and soil conditions most effectively. The advantages of using Tapertube™ piles include:

  • Made From 50 KSI steel, With Higher Grades Available on Request
  • High Capacities for Shorter Driven Lengths
  • Installation Using Conventional Equipment and Methods
  • Reduced Concrete Volume Requirements
  • Factory Attached Cast Steel Points
  • Diameters Made to Match Standard and Non-standard Pipe Pile Sizes
  • Ability to Be Directly Driven, With No Mandrel or Butt Reinforcement Required
  • Full Butt-Welded Splices for Direct Bearing of Pipe Extension on Tapertube™
  • Drive-Fit DFT S-1800 Sleeves That Can Be Used Instead of Welding to Extended Piles
  • Heavier Thickness, Which Provides Greater Drivability and Eliminates Need for Coating and Reinforcement

Pittsburgh Pipe’s certified welders can splice your Tapertube™ to your extended piles in our state-of-the-art facility and deliver them to your job site, saving you time and welding costs.

Conical Points

Conical points, or pile points, are the most preferred pile end attachment. They are used as end closures for pipe piles to help improve penetration and evenly distribute the shock load around the periphery of the pipe when the pipes run into a rock or other dense material. This prevents stress concentrating on one section of the pipe.

Pittsburgh Pipe supplies conical points in a wide range of sizes. We can attach them to the end of your piles, or we can ship them loose for attachment in the field.

We offer conical points in:

  • Pipe Sizes 7 ⅝-, 8 ⅝-, 9 ⅝-, 10 ¾-, 12-, 12 ¾-, 14-, 16-, 18-, and 20-inch
  • ASTM A27 Grade 65/35
  • ASTM A148 Grade 80/40 for Tougher Conditions

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