Water and Sewer Pipe and Casing

Seamless sewer piping professionals.

Installing water and sewer piping is an involved process that requires materials able to withstand the elements, especially the flow of water. Pittsburgh Pipe has the right pipe to keep your project simple and efficient.

Underground Water Pipe

A sewer or water pipe project occurs underground and aids in transporting water and waste. Just as a storm sewer pipe helps channel storm runoff to a safer location, sewer and water pipes move water where it needs to go. 

Pittsburgh Pipe offers multiple pipe solutions to make your project move along smoothly. We offer bore casing water piping, water well casing, road plates, geothermal pipes, and more. We can supply pipe with the dimensions and specifications required for your project. Our pipes are made to last, require minimal maintenance, and come in multiple sizes and materials. Save yourself the time and energy on your next project with the help of Pittsburgh Pipe.

Zero Hassle Piping

Keep your project on track with Pittsburgh Pipe products and services.