Telecom Accessories

Specialized telecom accessories for your project needs.

Before you start a project, you should always understand the structures and lines that lie beneath the surface at the jobsite. It’s vital to identify the location to utilities, gas, fiber, water, telecommunications conduit, and sewer lines. This keeps your workforce safe but it also protects you from costly repairs and downtime. Municipalities can identify sewers and underground electrical lines, but if you’re doing work on private property, you’ll need to locate other underground lines yourself. Get what you need with our telecom accessories.

Locator Telecom Accessories

Pittsburgh Pipe offers locator equipment to allow you to make sure you know the complete landscape below ground level. Our units are simple to operate and durable enough to handle the rigors of any job site, any weather condition, and any measurement. This equipment uses radio frequencies to give you a picture of what lies beneath the surface. This way you can mark the trace of any lines through the jobsite, regardless of their purpose or burial depth.

Other telecom accessories we offer include:

Ground Rods and Accessories

Your telecom conduit can attract electricity from some powerful sources, and when you need to protect it from lightning strikes, Pittsburgh Pipe can supply the proper ground rods and telecom accessories to direct the current away from your important communications equipment. The right equipment will make sure the personnel using the telecommunications equipment are safe, and sensitive equipment is protected from lightning strikes and resulting power surges.

Proper installation of the metal grounding rod clamps is essential to the correct function of the grounding rods. They need to be secure but they cannot impede the conduit or damage it, either during installation or in the case of any ground movement. Pittsburgh Pipe is always on hand to help with any questions or concerns you have during the installation process.

Downtime is expensive. When you invest in underground conduit for your own network, the last thing you need is unpredictable service and intermittent data loss from outside interference. If you’ve used a conducting metal for your buried telecom conduit, it needs to be adequately protected from dangers such as moisture, animals, shifting ground, and the often overlooked lightning strike and resulting power surges.

The Pittsburgh Pipe Difference

Pittsburgh Pipe is a major supplier of telecom accessories and power conduit products to underground utility contractors all across North America. Our experience has allowed us to provide timely and cost-effective solutions and services for companies all over the country. No matter what your project may be, we believe our nationwide distribution channels can get you the “The Right Pipe, Right on Time,” no matter where you are.

The material you buy from Pittsburgh Pipe can be customized to suit your project’s unique needs. When you call us for your project materials, we can customize any component so your final project is exactly what you’re looking for.

We can provide grounding rods and grounding rod clamps in the quantity you need at a competitive price and have it delivered exactly when and where you need it. All our grounding rods and telecom accessories are manufactured right here in the U.S. Materials generally ship two to three business days after the order is placed. Pittsburgh Pipe has everything you need to see your project succeed.

Telecom Equipment Needs

No matter what your next project needs, Pittsburgh Pipe has the solution.

Pulling Tape

Polyester Pull Tape

  • High Strength – Low Stretch Polyester Pulling Tape
  • Accurate sequential footage markings
  • Low elongation
  • Proprietary pre-lubrication to reduce coefficient of friction
  • Continuous length reels from 500 ft. – 100,000 ft.
  • Packaged on heavy-duty black plastic reels
  • Custom continuous length reels available
  • Easily blown through conduits or ducts
  • Available in tensile strengths from 1130# through 2500#

Detectable Polyester Pull Tape

Provides a reliable means of locating cable in conduit. Sequentially footage marked.

  • High Strength – Low Stretch Detectable Pulling Tape
  • 22-gauge detectable copper conductor
  • Accurate sequential footage markings
  • Low elongation
  • Proprietary pre-lubrication to reduce coefficient of friction
  • Continuous length reels
  • Packaged on heavy duty black plastic reels
  • Custom continuous length reels available

Spiral Wrapped Light Duty Poly Twine

Ideal for many types of pulls including pulling rope through conduit. Will not rot, mildew, or rust. Can be left in conduit for future use. Ships in plastic pail for ease of use and storage. Available in minimum tensile strengths of 210# and 500#.

3 Strand Twisted Yellow Polypropylene Rope

Premium grade U.V. stabilized polypropylene fiber

  • Strong lightweight economical rope
  • Good Strength – Moderate Stretch
  • Medium Laid – Balanced Construction
  • Resistant to rot, mildew, and petroleum products
  • Stores wet without fiber damage
  • UV-stabilized fiber
  • Floats
  • Continuous length, long length reels available
  • Versatile

Underground Warning Tape

Standard Non-Detectable

Our non-detectable polyethylene tapes meet or exceed industry standards. Our lead-free tapes contain no heavy metals or chromates and will not oxidize upon exposure to a moist or dry soil environment. This ensures long-term color integrity in the ground. When buried at a shallow depth, the tape offers protection for any cable or pipe.

The standard print style of black letters and color background create a highly visible permanent message. Our basic style is designed for open trench installation; we also offer stretch and reinforced plow styles. Many messages available in 3″ x 1000′ and 6″ x 1000′ rolls in APWA Colors. Other sizes, including 12″ and 24” wide, can be special-ordered.

Extra Stretch Non-Detectable Warning Tape

  • Specially formulated plastic film with super-enhanced tensile and elongation characteristics
  • Identifies and protects buried lines
  • Suitable for both plow and open trench applications
  • Lead-free pigments maintain color vibrancy in the soil
  • Environmentally safe ink ensures a long-lasting warning message
  • Acid and alkali resistance enhances long term integrity in the ground
  • Meets American Public Works Association (APWA) National Color Code
  • Available in orange with black lettering. Other film colors may be available upon request.

Standard Detectable Warning Tape

  • Identifies, protects, and locates buried lines
  • Locatable by inductive and conductive methods
  • Suitable for open trench applications
  • Lead-free pigments maintain color vibrancy in the soil
  • Acid and alkali resistance enhances long term integrity in the ground
  • Environmentally safe buried print ensures long lasting warning message
  • Meets American Public Works Association (APWA) National Color Code

Cable Marker Posts

Marker Posts

A dome marker post is an above-ground utility marker used for identifying and avoiding major costly repairs, interruptions of utility services, and injuries. The Dome Marker Post can be ordered with custom graphics, colors, and lengths.

  • The Dome Marker Post graphic system will not fade, peel, or chip like traditional stickers and hot stamping will.
  • Colored with premium UV inhibitors to withstand harsh outdoor environments
  • 360-degree cylindrical shape for optimum visibility both on the ground and in the air
  • Resistant to solvents and stress fractures
  • Lightweight and 100% recyclable

Cathodic Protection Test Stations

The Cathodic Protection Test Station is an enclosure that protects circuits and terminals. It is also used in telecommunications as a grounding box. Test Stations are manufactured in the USA from high-impact UV-stabilized polycarbonate. They come standard with five stainless steel terminals and can be ordered with a High-Density Polyethylene conduit/support post. They are also available with custom graphics.

Ground Rod and Clamps

Ground rods are intended to be driven into the earth to provide grounding for substations, towers, homes, buildings, and all other structures that contain electrical products or for applications to provide protection against lightning. They are available in copper coated steel or galvanized steel.

Copper Covered:

  • High-quality steel with a consistent covering of electrolytic copper
  • 10 & 13 Mil rods 8’ and larger are UL approved.

Galvanized Steel:

  • High-quality steel with a consistent covering of Zinc


  • Connects grounding conductor the driven ground rods
  • Approved for direct burial in the earth and in concrete
  • Contains a bronze hex head bolt

Tracer Wire

Tracer wire, also known as locator or locating wire, is used to assist in locating pipes and other lines once they have been buried in the ground. Once a pipe is laid down the tracer wire is placed along the pipe and buried next to it. There is no need to send electricity through the tracer wire. The use of tracer wire allows for a more accurate dig for repairs, replacement, or maintenance. The wire is most used in utilities such as water, sewer, gas, telecommunication, etc. Tracer wire commonly comes in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 gauge wire sizes.

CCS Tracer Wire

CCS stands for copper-clad steel, this kind of tracer wire has a steel core with a copper clad coating. The two metals are bonded together with heat and pressure. The copper and steel are inseparable after the cladding process is complete. CCS offers the strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion-resistant properties of copper. Our copper-clad steel tracer wire is insulated with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket which is designed for direct burial use.

PVC Conduit, Fittings & Accessories

Pittsburgh Pipe offers a complete line of PVC conduit and fittings and PVC utility duct. For commercial, industrial and utility usage. PVC conduit is proven durable and effective for years of maintenance-free performance in underground, encased and exposed applications in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

  • Commercial, Industrial and Utility Usage
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Non-Magnetic and Non-galvanic
  • Impact Resistant

Corrosion Resistant
Resistant to most chemicals, PVC is typically not affected by corrosive soils or salts.

Non-Magnetic and Non-Galvanic
Properties of PVC Conduit provide good insulation and no power loss or conductor heating.

Impact Resistant
Tough, durable, with high tensile strength, yet easy to handle and install right on the jobsite.

Product Types
Schedule 40 & 80 rigid PVC conduit systems are sunlight resistant and are used exposed, encased in concrete, concealed in walls and in direct burial applications including systems for:

  • Utilities
  • Cable, data and communication lines
  • Residential applications, & service entrances
  • Street and highway underground feeds
  • Transportation systems – subways, bridges, tunnels, airports
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Marinas
  • Mines and mills

Type DB-60 and DB-120 utility duct are designed for direct burial applications. Type EB-20 and EB-35 are designed for burial encased in concrete.

Codes and Standards Compliance
Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 rigid conduits are certified to UL 651 and are allowed for use with 90º C conductors, in accordance with the National Electrical Code. They are manufactured in accordance with NEMA TC2.

Type DB and EB ducts are manufactured in accordance with NEMA TC 6&8 and are allowed for use with 90º C conductors.

PVC fittings are manufactured in accordance with NEMA TC3. The UL standard for PVC fittings is UL 651; for boxes UL 514C, for cover plates UL 514D and for enclosures UL 50.

A complete line of PVC fittings are offered ranging from simple couplers to long radius sweeps and everything in between including PVC primers and glue.

Bore-Gard Restrained Joint PVC

Bore-Gard® is designed and proven to meet the rigorous requirements of horizontal directional drilling for electrical and datacom applications.

  • Easy to handle 10- and 20-foot lengths.
  • For bores up to 1000 feet
  • Fast easy assembly
  • Strong water-tight joints without cement
  • Fits standard rigid nonmetallic conduit fittings
  • All nonmetallic construction
  • Superior crush and stiffness over HDPE
  • Eliminates the need for chains and backing plate installation
  • Type: Schedule 40 – Heavy wall; Schedule 80 – Extra Heavy wall
  • Sizes: Schedule 40 – 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, & 8″ Schedule 80 – 2″, 3″, & 4″

Duct Spacers

  • Vertical and horizontal interlocking for fast secure field assembly
  • Constructed of high impact polymers
  • No banding required
  • Used for both encased burial and direct burial applications
  • Pre-Assembly available
  • Also referred to as conduit chairs, conduit spacers, duct bank spacers, base spacers, and intermediate spacers.

Unify Your Project

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