Slideimg1 300x179 | Pittsburgh PipeWe are steel casing pipe experts. Since 1977 Pittsburgh Pipe has been a top supplier of steel casing pipe to the US boring and tunneling industry. From the beginning we took seriously the needs of boring contractors and quickly recognized the importance to our customers of uniform length casing pipe. We were the first in the nation to routinely stock steel casing pipe in 20 foot dead lengths. Things have changed along with the vast improvements in horizontal casing installation methods during the last 38 years.

One thing hasn’t – the need for straight, round, true casing pipe, and Pittsburgh Pipe supplies the right pipe, right on time.

In addition to our quality, what really makes our pipe different? The options we provide!
Diameter/Wall/Length Options: We stock 10” through 72” casing pipes in all commonly used wall thicknesses. As a manufacturer, distributor and fabricator of casing pipes we provide virtually all possible diameter / wall thickness / length configurations you require.
Pipe Coatings: We apply bituminous, coal tar epoxy, red primer and other common pipe coatings to the inside and outside surfaces. If you need a specialty coating such as fusion bond epoxy or AWWA C210 we can provide that as well.
Fabrication Services: As our customers’ needs have changed, so have our offerings; we now supply steel fabrication services for pipes that are being used for bore casing, drilled shafts, piling, cross sonic logging (CSL) tubes, bollards and water well casing. Whether you are looking for weld bands, grout holes, lifting lugs/picking eyes, rock crusher or fin piles, we can accommodate those needs.
Casing Spacers and End Seals: Casing spacers prevent corrosion by insulating the pipe from the casing, and eliminates the need to blow sand between the pipe and casing. As a nationwide supplier of casing spacers and end seals, we understand that every job is different; tell us about your job and we will send the best option for you. We furnish stainless steel, epoxy-coated, galvanized and plastic spacers and end seals.
Weld Bands and Overcut Bands: If you are looking for ease of alignment and welding, Pittsburgh Pipe offers custom weld bands to fit your job specifications. We can furnish weld bands loose, I.D. welded or O.D. welded, and have them attached recessed, flush or extended. We also offer overcut bands to reinforce the ends of your pipes for ramming or auger boring.
Each guaranteed casing pipe we provide is straight and round with true ends. For your next project consider steel casing pipes that are made in the heart of the United States. Pittsburgh Pipe provides the right pipe, right on time, every time!