Casing/Horizontal Casing

Steel casing pipe for any project.

From start to finish, Pittsburgh Pipe helps your project stay in working order with the right type of casing for the job. Whether you’re in need of a steel casing pipe, horizontal casing, or a similar style casing, we handle every step of the process to bring you a perfectly manufactured product you can rely on.

Horizontal Casing Pipe

Pittsburgh Pipe is a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of steel casing pipe, serving the underground utility construction industry since 1977. 

Our staff works with your contractor, project manager, or facilities supervisor to understand what our products will be used for so we can make sure you choose a long-lasting option that satisfies your needs. This allows us to provide not only the steel pipe and casing required for the job, but also the drawings, manufacturing procedures, certifications and other documentation needed to get your pipe casing approved for the project. We partner with our customers from bid through project completion and make sure the casing pipe we deliver to their job sites meets requirements and all requested documentation is submitted for approval.

We stock casing pipe in sizes from 10 ¾ inches through 72-inch O.D., and custom manufacture pipe casing in 30-inch O.D. and up, in wall thicknesses from .312 inches through 1.250 inches, in uniform lengths or in custom lengths from 4 feet through 60 feet. We can also provide special end preparations, attachments such as weld bands and grout holes, and O.D. and I.D. coatings.

Zero Hassle Piping

Keep your project on track with Pittsburgh Pipe products and services.