Grout Ports

Casing pipe grout additions.

When your pipe needs grout ports, Pittsburgh Pipe is here to help. Our fabrication services give us the flexibility to provide any additions such as grout ports, injection ports, and more. When you need affordable fabrication, look to Pittsburgh Pipe.

Your Grout Port Partner

When specified, Pittsburgh Pipe can install grout ports in casing pipe. Standard grout ports, also called grout holes, for horizontal casing are 2” half couplings with countersunk hex plugs welded into the casing as required by each customer. Grout ports are typically placed with the hex plug oriented to the interior of the casing and flush with the casing ID.  They are positioned as required by each project, often at 10’ centers axially at the crown of the casing. Our added fabrication services can handle any and all grout injection ports/holes that your project calls for.

Pittsburgh Pipe’s standard grout ports are:

  • 2-inch Threaded Grout Ports or Nipples
  • Installed Flush With No I.D. Restriction
  • Spaced and Aligned to Job Specifications

Casing Pipe Fabrication

When you need specialized pipe casing or horizontal casing to accomodate additional changes, we’ve got you covered.