Grout Ports

Discover how our casing pipe grout additions can improve your piping projects.

When your pipe needs grout ports, Pittsburgh Pipe is here to help. Our fabrication services give us the flexibility to provide any additions, such as grout ports, injection ports, and more. When you need affordable fabrication, look to Pittsburgh Pipe.

What Do Grout Ports Do For Your Pipe?

Grout ports help deliver permeation grout wherever they need to go. What is permeation grout? It is a process that fills cracks or voids in rock and soil with a flowable grout mixture to create a cemented mass. Permeation grouting is also known as concrete grouting or chemical grouting. During this process, the grout flows through a corrugated grout tube to fill in the cracks to solidify concrete structures, including building foundations. We provide grout injection ports to carry the concrete grout from your pipe to the crack that needs filling. 

What Does the Permeation Grouting Process Look Like?

The permeation grouting process includes the following steps:

  1. A sleeve port pipe is grouted into an already-drilled hole.
  2. The concrete grout is injected through the port and into the hole under pressure.
  3. The grout permeates the soil to create a concrete mass that stiffens and strengthens the ground it covers.

Permeation grouting works best in places where physical space is limited. It strengthens the ground with non-particulate grout in areas where other strengthening techniques that require more solid components would not work. This process widens the number of options available to strengthen the ground on your construction project’s site.

Your Grout Port Partner

When specified, Pittsburgh Pipe can install grout ports in casing pipe. Standard grout ports, also called grout holes, for horizontal casing are 2” half couplings with countersunk hex plugs welded into the casing, as required by each customer. Grout ports are typically placed with the hex plug oriented to the interior of the casing and flush with the casing ID. They are positioned as required by each project, often at 10’ centers axially at the crown of the casing. Our added fabrication services can handle any and all grout injection ports/holes that your project calls for.

Pittsburgh Pipe’s standard grout ports are:

  • 2-inch Threaded Grout Ports or Nipples
  • Installed Flush With No I.D. Restriction
  • Spaced and Aligned to Job Specifications

Casing Pipe Fabrication

When you need specialized pipe casing or horizontal casing to accommodate additional changes, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Pittsburgh Pipe for Your Grout Ports?

Pittsburgh Pipe fabricates customized grout and injection ports for your needs. We design them to fit with the customized casing pipe we create for your project. Then we send them to you quickly so you can complete your project efficiently and effectively. We send the right pipe, right on time for all your business’s piping needs.