Galvanized to protect against corrosion and established as non-combustible, Pittsburgh Pipe’s rigid conduit will ensure your project is protected against any elements. Superior to other companies products, our steel conduit is put through 25 different tests to ensure you get nothing but the best. Choosing the right conduit will produce a final product you are not only proud of, but one that will last for years. Rigid conduits from Pittsburgh Pipe allow for the future expansion or changes a mechanical network may have all while providing the protection conductors and cables need to continue to work correctly.

Outdoors, indoors, underground, concealed, and exposed.

An added benefit is rigid conduits act as an equipment grounding conductor to create a shield from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Using the best rigid conduits will assure you the ability to keep up to date with any wiring all while ensuring your system will withstand outside forces. Call our team to see how we will help you get the right pipe at the right time, every time!