Fin Piles

Stronger, more convenient piles.

Many different pipe piles are preferred based on the context of a project, but fin piles offer features that other fin piles can’t match. With greater strength, energy absorption, and convenience than other pipe piles, fin piles are the answer for multiple projects.

Fin Pile Factors

Multiple factors make fin piles the ideal solution to your projects needs. Compared to other pipe piles, fin piles boast greater tensile and compressive strength and are able to withstand greater degrees of pressure. This is because of how they’re used. When a fin pile is hammered into the ground, it goes down like a screw, creating additional friction from the surrounding soil that increases its durability. 

Fin piles excel in projects that take place in soft ground, such as underwater. Since they are able to take on greater degrees of stress than conventional piles, some might think they’re more expensive, but that isn’t the case. Since they don’t need to be as long as other pipe piles and are stronger, you’re saving money on additional materials that would usually be used to empower standard pipe piles

Often, piles absorb energy from outside forces, such as an earthquake. While any pile can handle a shock and keep going, fin piles manage to outlast the competition because of their construction. Fin piles can take on a massive amount of energy without losing their strength, saving you more money in the long term. 

Fin piles are the perfect solution to multiple projects, such as:

  • Structural Dolphins
  • Dock Fendering Systems
  • Tower Foundations
  • Inundated Platforms
  • Abutments

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