Plant and Refinery Piping

Keep your refinery or plant running smoothly with our plant and refinery piping solutions.

Your refinery piping needs to be durable, efficient, and in conformance with the required specifications. Pittsburgh Pipe can provide the ideal piping solution to any project.

Chemical Resistant Pipes

Refineries and power plants tend to be harsh environments for pipes, since they see constant use day in and day out. Having the right pipe is critical. Pittsburgh Pipe offers refinery piping solutions that are chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, and able to handle loads and stresses. Your piping system requires the best materials and oversight, and Pittsburgh Pipe has the ideal solutions for your next project.

Underground Refinery Piping

A refinery manages many different materials and these are funneled through a series of pipes throughout the facility. These pipes need not only to be resistant to the elements, but durable, so they last many years with minimal maintenance. 

Thermal Power Plant Piping

From steel pipes to geothermal piping, a thermal power plant uses many different piping options to keep its operations running smoothly. Since there will be so much material funneling through these pipes, they need to be made to withstand high temperatures, stress, and corrosion. Pittsburgh Pipe offers piping solutions that address many different conditions and retain their original durability. Whether you’re implementing an underground piping system or setting up a sewer system for your power plant, you’ll need piping you can rely on and Pittsburgh Pipe excels at providing the right pipe for the job.

The Right Pipe, Right on Time!

Keep your project on track with Pittsburgh Pipe products and services.