Threaded & Coupled Steel Casing Pipe

Threaded and coupled piping solutions.

Steel pipe couplings, threaded casing pipes, and more are all essential parts of any project. You need an expert that creates any type of steel casing based on your specifications. Pittsburgh Pipe creates flawless piping solutions for any business or project, so you can focus on the end goal instead of stressing over each step.

Threaded and Coupled Pipe

Finding the right threaded and coupled steel casing pipe for your project can be a tough process. At Pittsburgh Pipe, we understand just how important the right materials are for each job and we believe we have the best supplies for you! Our team fabricates and distributes threaded steel pipe for the telecommunications, electric, gas, water and water well markets. This allows our clients in every industry to be certain they are receiving the right products from the very beginning.

We thread a variety of pipe from 2- to 12-inch diameters, and stock a complete range of plain end pipe that can be threaded and coupled to meet the requirements of your job. Because our work is done in-house, we supply our customers with their products promptly and efficiently.

Some of the other items Pittsburgh Pipe supplies include: 

  • Threading on pipe size ranging from 2 ⅜-inch O.D. to 12 ¾-inch O.D.
  • Pipe Lengths Ranging from Half Random Lengths (HRL’s) to 42 feet
  • Normal Thread Patterns in Straight Tap, 8 Round, and 8 V
  • 3/16-inch Taper to ¾-inch Taper
  • Conduit Couplings
  • R&D Couplings
  • Merchant Couplings
  • A.P.I. Couplings
  • J-Couplings

Since we are a major supplier of telecom and power products across North America, we understand the responsibility we have to underground utility contractors who rely on our products. This is something we take very seriously. Throughout the years, we have been able to provide successful products and services to companies thousands of miles away, allowing them to take their projects to the next level. No matter what your project may be, we believe our nationwide distribution channels can get you the supplies you deserve when you need them.

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