Custom-Cutting Teeth for Steel Pipe Fabrication

Partner with us for the best steel pipe cutting teeth for your construction project.

Capabilities include weld band fabrication and attachment, grout holes, split casing, pipe saddles, turning slots, lifting lugs/picking eyes, end plates, cutting teeth, conical point and drive shoe attachment, rock crusher fabrication and attachment, fin pile fabrication and attachment, and pipe threading (2- to 12 ¾ inches).

Tailored Solutions for Drilled Shaft Construction

At Pittsburgh Pipe, we understand the critical role that precision plays in the success of your drilled shaft construction projects. Our custom-cutting teeth for steel pipe are designed to simplify the pipeline construction process, ensuring that each pipe meets your specific dimensions and requirements. Whether you need plain ends or a variety of steel pipe fabrication elements, Pittsburgh Pipe is your trusted partner for custom steel pipe fabrication.

Custom Steel Pipe Fabrication Services

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to supply pipe with plain ends or incorporate any custom or fabricated elements required for drilled shaft construction projects. These elements may include weld bands, turning slots, teeth attachments, lifting lugs/lifting eyes, and more. Pittsburgh Pipe’s expertise lies in providing tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of your project.

Cutting Teeth Installation

One of our standout services is custom-cutting teeth, a crucial component for optimizing the construction process. These cutting teeth are precisely fitted to any size or shape of pipe, ensuring seamless integration into the pipeline structure. We streamline your project and enhance efficiency by custom-cutting teeth slots “in the flat” before rolling and welding the pipe section.

Versatile Pipe Offerings

Pittsburgh Pipe is equipped to supply pipes in the diameter, wall thickness, and length combination required for your project. Our commitment to customization extends to providing various coatings for your pipes, ensuring they meet your project’s specific environmental and operational demands.

Additional Fabrication Options

In addition to cutting teeth installation, our comprehensive fabrication services include turning slots, J-slots, twisting slots, lifting eyes and lugs, reinforcing bands, drive shoes, and more. Pittsburgh Pipe has the expertise and capabilities to deliver the fabricated pipe that your project demands.

Your Next Drilled Shaft Project Partner

Rely on Pittsburgh Pipe for your next drilled shaft project and utilize our extensive steel pipe fabrication services.

Unparalleled Support for Your Construction Projects

We prioritize the quality and compliance of our products and, most importantly, you.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance

    Pittsburgh Pipe provides Certificates of Compliance, ensuring that our steel pipes meet your project’s industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to quality is further emphasized through detailed shop drawings and comprehensive QA/QC documentation.

  • 24/7 Steel Casing Expertise

    Count on Pittsburgh Pipe to deliver steel casing manufactured in the U.S. from domestic steel. Our team of experts is available 24/7/365, providing you with the support and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of your construction projects. Whether you have questions about our products or require assistance with the installation of cutting teeth, our dedicated team is ready to help.

Drilled Shaft Project Partner

Rely on Pittsburgh Pipe for your next drilled shaft project and utilize our extensive services.