Everything You Need To Know About Steel Pile Pipes

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Pipe piling is a growing go-to solution for projects involving large loads and deep foundations. While there are alternatives to pipe piling, such as concrete or wood, they aren’t as seamless or affordable as steel piling products.

What Are Steel Pipe Piles?

There is a wide variety of piling options to support structural integrity, including concrete, plastic pipe, wood, and steel sheet piling. However, rolled steel piling has become one of the most popular piling options because it’s customizable to your needs and affordable for any budget.

Steel pipe pile is a type of piling material used to support and stabilize the foundation of a building or structure. Steel pipe piles are effective because they can handle heavy structural loads. They’re also adjustable, allowing you to add or remove pipes to meet your project’s needs.

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How Does Steel Pipe Piling Work?

Steel pipe piles are pre-built structures hammered into the ground and kept in place by friction with the soil.

When a pipe pile is used, the weight of the steel pipe is evenly distributed further into the earth’s crust. Diving deeper into the earth’s surface is important, because the soil is much tighter below the surface than closer to the atmosphere. The closer a pipe is to the surface, the less structurally sound the building can become over time.

Steel pipe piling is highly useful for the construction of large buildings where soil cannot provide needed support. Steel pipe piling reduces the risk of buildings sinking into the soil, which damages the structure.

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Most Common Steel Pipe Pile Applications

Steel pipe piling is the preferred piping material for marine and coastal structures because it can handle rough conditions. However, it’s also widely used for support and foundation piping under buildings and bridges. Other common steel pile piping applications include:

  • On- and offshore constructions
  • Tower buildings
  • Railways
  • Highway constructions
  • Oil and gas foundations

Main Benefits of Steel Pile Pipes

While there are many piling options to choose from, there are significant benefits to using steel pile pipes. Steel pile pipes are:

Highly Customizable

Customizability is one of the most beneficial components of steel pile pipes. Depending on the weight of the load you’re expecting the structure to bear, pipes can be added or removed to meet the exact specifications and measurements of the project.

There are a variety of styles of steel pipes to choose from, including:

  • Bearing pipes
  • Bridge pipes
  • Building and foundation pipes
  • Dock and marine piling
  • Micro and mini pipes
  • Temporary trestle or falsework pipes

Durable in Strong Weather Conditions

Steel pile pipes can be used in a variety of applications. These piping materials are great for many uses, because they’re durable, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, and withstand strong waters.

Cost Effective

Steel pile pipes are budget-friendly for any building or structural project. Replacing steel pipes is much less expensive than other piling options. As mentioned previously, steel piling pipes are customizable to fit the specifications of your project. This minimizes costs, since you don’t have to spend extra money on structural support.

How Can Pittsburgh Pipe Help You With Your Steel Pipe Piling Applications?

Pittsburgh Pipe strives to provide unmatched service with the best products on the market. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer clients a wide range of piling pipe products that meet ASTM A252 Grades 2 and 3, modified Grade 3, ASTM A500, and other common specifications. Our line of piling products includes:

  • Bridge pilings
  • Marine and dock pilings
  • Temporary trestles or falsework piles
  • Foundation piles and caissons
  • Micro and mini piles
  • Pile accessories, points, couplings, and drive shoes
  • Fin piles and specialty pile fabrication

Pittsburgh Pipe has unique experience with a diverse range of piping projects. Each product we supply is of the highest quality, making us a premier piping supplier in the United States.

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