Used for many applications, our abrasion resistant design will last a lifetime. Perfect for a broad range of applications, HDPE pipe is ideal for your next project. Abrasion resistant and designed to last a lifetime, HDPE pipe is a durable, strong solution for your piping needs. HDPE pipes are specifically designed for extended, leak-proof performance. Smooth-wall High-Density Polyethylene pipes are a cost-effective way to ensure protection and durability for a variety of applications.

For applications such as transferring of wastewater, hazardous materials, and compressed gases, HDPE pipes are a safe and reliable solution. Heat-fused joints reduce any chance of leakage, and anti-corrosion material makes them a sure-bet to remain sturdy and pristine regardless of the task at hand. Smoother than alternative pipe materials, HDPE pipes foster the flow of whatever you’re looking to move from A to B. Due to their malleable, flexible nature, the cost of installation is lower than most competitors. Why install piping multiple times what you only have to once?

We Have The Fit For You

With 25 different HDPE measurements, we have one for your project. HDPE pipes provide reliable, sturdy service for your needs. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, we can help you customize our pipes to meet your demands best. Pittsburgh Pipes has 25 measurements and inspections that take place before we feel comfortable putting our name behind a product. When we say HDPE pipes are a tried-and-true solution, you can believe that we say it with confidence. With quality built to last, you won’t have to reevaluate constantly when you know it was done right the first time, the Pittsburgh Pipe way.

HDPE pipes are an affordable, durable answer to your continuous replacement problems. Abrasion-resistant and the ability to accommodate a variety of functions, HDPE pipes are a safe bet for your project. It’s important to make sure your product is cost-effective, safe, and built to last and at Pittsburgh Pipe, we know that you’ll be getting all three when you choose HDPE pipes.