We take pride in being able to supply the HDPE innerduct needs for almost any business. When it comes to the telecommunications industry, you need innerduct that offers the flexibility your operations require, but still provides protection from the elements. The experts at Pittsburgh Pipe will get to know your unique situation and make recommendations based on your needs and our experience.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise to Select Your HDPE Innerduct

HDPE or high-density polyethylene innerduct is manufactured with many inherent advantages. It is constructed of an anti-corrosion material that shrugs off moisture and the wear and tear of time. The surface of HDPE innerduct is also designed to be abrasion-resistant. This allows it to avoid damage from the elements or potential movement under the soil.

Beyond our engineering knowledge in HDPE production, your organization will have the advantage of our real-world expertise in implementing HDPE in many different locations and with various applications. We can also meet your supply needs, no matter the size of your product. Whether your project requires installing HDPE for a short extension or multiple truckloads, we can meet your needs.

Professional Telecom Pipes Offer Industrial Protection 

Various types of plastic HDPE innerduct piping are available. We will make the proper recommendation based on your project and the environment where the HDPE is being installed. Whatever type we recommend, you can trust that it will offer a high level of protection for your cable. HDPE innerduct has been developed for prolonged, leak-proof performance.

Finding the right HDPE innerduct for your telecom project starts with partnering alongside a reliable and knowledgeable products and supply partner. Pittsburgh Pipe has the capabilities you can depend on.

Holding to the Highest Industry Standards

Many people might think of the piping industry as nothing but different types and gauges of steel, but the truth is that in addition to work in steel, we are a national supplier of HDPE, PVC, and all of their accessories. We hold all of our products to the highest standards to ensure the greatest performance for your project.

Our team has been helping contractors complete their projects on time and on budget for over 40 years. Our mission is to always exceed the expectations of our customers. We follow through on that promise with exceptional manufacturing quality, world-class inventory and distribution programs, and superior customer service.

To learn more about our services and products, contact Pittsburgh Pipe today.