Slideimg02 | Pittsburgh PipeGoogle Fiber starts with a connection that’s up to 1,000 megabits per second. It provides fast downloads and many other possibilities for users. Although Pittsburgh Pipe did not create Google Fiber, we are proud of the contributions our telecom sector contributed to Google Fiber that allows consumers to be able to enjoy the following benefits.

No More Buffering

Buffering is the one thing that can frustrate users to no end while causing the loss of valuable time. How often have you been watching or presenting a video to your team on the web, only to have the stream freeze up, forcing you to wait for the video to resume? With Google Fiber you can eliminate buffering which will increase the uptime of your employees.

The Price You Pay

We understand that every dollar counts when it comes to a business, and you can’t beat free! After a one-time $300 installation fee, you can enjoy up to seven years of free internet service!

The Next Generation of Broadband

Many users believe the goal of Google Fiber was to shame existing broadband providers by proving that faster service is available in the U.S. Although Google Fiber is a real business providing faster broadband speeds, there’s no doubt that the many other providers are paying close attention.

While you are enjoying faster download speeds than ever before with Google Fiber, remember that Pittsburgh Pipe made it possible with our telecom services. Whether you are working on the expansion of the Information Superhighway, electrical/power, energy, or the communications industry, our nationwide distribution channels can get you the “The Right Pipe, Right On Time” no matter where you are located.

We understand that for underground utility contractors, it is necessary to have the highest possible quality and the most attentive customer service. That is why each member of our team is dedicated to fulfilling those needs. Let us provide the telecom and power products for your next project!