A pipe pile is a prebuilt pipe structure used to create a deep foundation where uplift or impact load could cause failure. These structures are hammered into the ground and are kept in place by the friction of the soil. There are different types of pipe piles, and which one works best for a particular project depends on the type of ground.

For marine dolphins (man-made marine structures), dock fendering systems, tower foundations, inundated platforms, and abutments, fin piles are the best option. A fin pile is similar to conventional piles, but differs in some significant ways.

What Makes Fin Piles Special

Fin piles are like traditional pipe piles, but differ slightly in design. This type of pile comes equipped with angled plate fins installed at their ends. Although it’s a small design variation, it makes a big difference. These differences provide a number of impressive benefits.

Tensile and Compressive Strength

One of the biggest benefits provided by fin piles is improved strength. A traditional pipe pile is driven into the ground with a hammer and kept in place by friction with the soil. This gives piles the strength to handle large tensile and compressive loads. When fin piles are hammered down, they dig into the soil like a screw. The extra friction created by the deformation of the soil substantially boosts the strength of these piles.

Affordable and Convenient

For soft ground, like the kind under the water, fin piles are the ideal solution. Due to their enhanced strength, you won’t need as many fin piles to hold up a structural load as you would with conventional piles. In addition, fin piles don’t need to be as long as conventional pipe piles. This means you can save money on materials.

Energy Absorption

Piles are often subjected to shock, such as vibrations from earthquakes. Since this is the case, piles need to be able to absorb energy to keep the structure intact. While normal piles are typically able to absorb some energy, fin piles can absorb massive amounts of energy without any loss of strength. This feature is very important for structures such as breasting dolphins.

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