Pipe piling has become the go-to solution for projects involving heavy loads or deep foundations. This is because of how effective piling pipe is at load-bearing, its customizability, and its cost-effectiveness. Alternatives to pipe piling—such as concrete or wood—are out there, but they aren’t as easy to use or as affordable as piling products.

What Is Pipe Piling and What Are the Benefits?

When it comes to structural support, a number of options are available. This can include concrete piles, steel sheet piling, and wood piling. However, pipe piling has separated itself from the rest as the most popular option due to its customizability and affordability.

Unlike the other options, pipe piles are pre-built structures that are hammered into the ground and kept in place by friction with the soil. These structures are not only effective at handling heavy structural loads, but they can also be adjusted – by adding or removing pipes – to meet the needs of the project.

Highly Customizable

One of the most beneficial features of pipe piles is their customizability. Depending on the load you’re expecting your structure to bear, pipes can be added to meet the exact load specifications of the project. You can also choose the type of pipes you want, including:

  • Bearing pipes
  • Bridge pipes
  • Building and foundation pipes
  • Dock and marine piling
  • Micro and mini pipes
  • Temporary trestle or false work pipes

In addition, different types of steel can be used for the pipes. This advantage can help make your pipe piles resistant to environmental conditions.

Efficient and Affordable

As mentioned above, pipe piles can be adjusted to fit the exact load specifications of your project. This means you don’t have to spend extra on structural support, effectively minimizing costs. In addition, replacing pipes is less expensive than alternative piling options, such as sheet or concrete piling.

One-Stop Shop for Piling Projects

Pipe piling has risen as one of the best heavy load support options available on the market. Pittsburgh Pipe offers a wide array of piling services and products to meet your business goals. Together with our high-quality manufacturing partners, we are the premier provider of piling solutions. Give us a call today!

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