The term distribucator is a combination of the words “distributor” and “fabricator.” A distribucator merges the services of a distributor and fabricator into one. This merging allows distributors to meet growing customer demand for fabricated products. In an evolving marketplace, these joined services cut operational costs while also better serving customers.

The Role of a Distribucator

To get a product to a customer, the product has to go through a distribution channel. This channel involves a process that takes the product through a mill, converter, distributor, fabricator, and finally the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Before learning about distribucators, it’s important to know what distributors and fabricators are.

What Is a Distributor?

An entity that serves as an intermediary between the producer of a product and another part of the distribution chain is called a distributor. This type of entity buys supplies, stores them in a warehouse, and resells them. Distributors also typically offer customer-focused services such as product information, estimates, and technical support.

What Is a Fabricator?

The term “fabricator” refers to a person who builds or creates products. These people perform a variety of duties such as welding, aligning, fitting, measuring, and other essentials to product creation. To construct products concisely, they use technical drawings, blueprints, or other specifications.

What Is a Distribucator?

As the marketplace has evolved, customer demand has increased to a point where it’s difficult for distributors to keep up. To solve this problem, distributors have joined with fabricators to form a new entity, the distribucator, which is more capable of meeting demand. The merging of distribution and fabrication services helps cut costs, keep up with customer demand, and give distributors more control over delivery and quality.

Choose a Company That Can Do Both

At Pittsburgh Pipe, we’re proud to say we’ve added fabrication services to meet our customer demand for high-quality steel pipe products. Here are a few of the fabrication services we offer:

  • Weld band fabrication and attachment
  • Rack cross fabrication and attachment
  • Fin pile fabrication and attachment
  • Custom length pipes
  • End cap fabrication and attachment
  • OD and ID pipe coating

If you would like to learn more about these and other fabrication services we offer, give us a call today.

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