Pp Contact Us Page About Image | Pittsburgh PipeIf you are undergoing an underground utility project, Pittsburgh Pipe has the customized solution.

Fabricated Solutions

If your company is like most in the industry, you probably use rolled and welded steel pipe in your underground piping projects. So, whether it’s large-casing pipe, structural pipe, or piling pipe you need, Pittsburgh has a variety of fabricated Large Diameter Steel Pipes to choose from. For example, our Large Diameter R&W Steel Pipe can provide you with an excellent strength-to-weight option, including:
• Large Diameter Steel Pipe from 30” OD and up
• Wall Thicknesses from .312” to 1.250”
• Uniform Standard Lengths
• Custom Lengths from 4’ to 70’
• Straight, Round and True Pipe for ease of installation
• Non-standard sizes and lengths

Make the Right Decision

At Pittsburgh Pipe, we bring over 40 years of experience in providing the highest quality pipe, casing, and piling to the underground construction industry. We know that the successful completion of your project depends on getting The Right Pipe, Right on Time, and our team is dedicated to supplying quality pipe and top-notch customer service, and to making your project’s success our priority!

Learn more about the Large Diameter Steel Pipe we manufacture and our entire list of products and services by contacting one of our sales representatives. At Pittsburgh, we’ll provide you with The Right Pipe, Right on Time.