Aboutus1 | Pittsburgh PipeAt Pittsburgh Pipe, we’ve built a reputation of supplying only the highest quality products on the market. No matter how expansive your project is, we dedicate ourselves to exceed your expectations and create customized solutions. So, when considering a vendor for your next Telecom or Power project, consider all that Pittsburgh Pipe will offer. As an example, the following is an overview of our Split Casing Pipe/Conduit for the telecommunications sector. We manufacture 3 unique styles:

1. Split and Tabbed

– 10’ sections of either black or galvanized threaded steel, split longitudinally including the coupling. The pre-punched tabs are welded to the side of both the pipe and the coupling.
– Sizes available:
o Diameter – 1” IPS to 12” IPS
o Wall Thickness – 0.156” to 0.375”
o Special Length’s Available Upon Request

2. Zipper Cut Casing

– Zipper cut longitudinally on both sides to maintain circularity. A small section attached to both ends can be cut in the field during installation.
– Sizes available:
o Diameter – 4” IPS to 54” IPS
o Offered in a Full Range of Wall Thicknesses

3. Flangered Split Casing

– When field welding isn’t an option, this pipe is split longitudinally with split flanges attached to both ends. Pre-drilled flat bars are on each horizontal side, and all standard hardware for assembly is included.
– Sizes available:
o Diameter – 4” to 12”
o Offered in Full Range of Wall Thicknesses.
o Special Coatings and Linings are Available.

Our crew of over 70 industry experts bring decades of experience to Telecom and Power markets. Your project’s success is our success, and that’s why we live by the motto, “The Right Pipe, Right on Time.” To learn more about Split Casing Pipe/Conduit options, or to inquire about our other Telecom and Power products, reach out to our knowledgeable team at any of our 3 locations.