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No matter how extensive your pipe project is, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding your expectations and creating customized solutions for any piping need.  As an example, the following is an overview of our Split Casing Pipe/Conduit for the Power & Telecom industries.


Split Steel Casing for Fiber/Power Lines (Tabbed Method)


·         10’ sections of either black or galvanized, threaded, split longitudinally, along with the coupling.  The pre-punched tabs are welded to the side of both the pipe and the coupling.


o   Diameter – 2” to 10 ¾”

o   Offered in a full range of wall thicknesses

o   Special lengths available upon request


Emergency Repair


Sometimes the “replacement” of a fiber or power line just isn’t an option.  A contractor can rely on protecting or re-protecting expensive lines without the disruption of service by encasing the existing duct in split steel casing.




When a roadway or move is required and the cost of replacement exceeds the project limits, split casing can assist in moving a line in-place.




When additional duct needs to be added to existing lines, the added lines often need to be encased after installation.  Split steel casing could be the answer to line expansions for bridgework and areas similar to railroad and highway properties, where permits require the lines to be encased.