If you need to verify the structural integrity of a drilled shaft, crosshole sonic logging (CSL) is highly recommended. CSL has become the most requested integrity testing method for departments of transportation across the U.S.

What You Should Know About CSL Tubes?

When it comes to testing the structural integrity of deep foundation elements within a drilled shaft, you’ll want to choose CSL tubes. Also known as cross sonic logging testing tubes, CSL tubes are considered to be more accurate and reliable than sonic echo testing. This testing method is not only able to detect defects, but it can help provide information on the nature of the defect, along with its extent, depth, and approximate location.

What Are CSL Tubes?

CSL tubes can be made with steel pipe or PVC pipe. Steel pipes are usually preferred over plastic pipes, as PVC tubes can become debonded from concrete because of heat from the concrete hydration process. This is important, as debonded tubes can lead to erratic test results.

CSL tubes are normally produced with 1.5- or 2-inch diameters, filled with water, and are threaded with watertight caps and couplers. This ensures the tubes comply with the specifications of American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)-A53 Grade B U.S. Steel, along with mill test reports (MTR). These tubes are usually attached to the rebar cage that reinforces the drilled shaft.

What Do They Do?

CSL tubes are a quality assurance measure used to ensure the structural soundness of drilled shaft foundations. They can also be applied to slurry walls, auger cast piles, mat foundations, and mass concrete pours. A CSL test can determine the integrity of the drilled shaft by finding problems such as soil intrusions, sand lenses (sand formations that look like lenses), or voids.

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