The Benefits of PVC

Polyvinyl chloride has replaced traditional building materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and clay in many applications. The reason for this is that this plastic material offers many of the benefits of these traditional materials, at a lower overall cost.

  • Durability – PVC is durable, lightweight, and resistant to weathering, rotting, chemical degradation, corrosion, abrasion, shock, and heat. It is estimated that PVC piping has a potential in-service lifetime of 40 years making it a preferred choice for building material among contractors.
  • Safety – PVC is a safe, non-toxic material.  Since it has been in use in some instances for more than half a century, PVC is one of the most thoroughly tested forms of plastic. It meets international and local health and safety standards for its many intended uses.


  • Versatile – PVC does not conduct electricity and is an excellent material for use in cabling and electrical applications. It is also a preferred material for designing new products as it can be molded into infinite shapes and thicknesses.
  • Easy to use – PVC piping is quicker to install than traditional materials and because of its light weight, is much easier to transport and store.
  • Affordable – PVC is very economical compared to traditional construction materials especially when the ease of installation and life-cycle costs are taken into account.
  • Sustainable – PVC has a smaller carbon footprint and uses less natural resources to produce. When it has reached the end of its useful life, PVC is also well-suited to recycling.

Why Choose Pittsburgh Pipe

Experience – Pittsburgh Pipe has over 40-years of experience in developing, making, and sourcing the best PVC innerduct for a wide variety of projects.

Quality production – You can trust our multi-step process to ensure all our products will keep your project on schedule.

Quality materials – Our PVC pipes are put through 25 quality tests to ensure our clients receive high-quality materials for all their jobs. Designed to endure a wide variety of applications including chemically corrosive jobs and liquid delivery systems, PVC pipes from Pittsburgh Pipe are an essential part to almost any project.

Customizable –  While many companies carry PVC piping in standard sizes and sections, we offer our clients a wider variety of sizes and lengths, so their projects can be completed faster with less hassle.

Service after the sale – Our mission is to exceed your expectations even after the job has been completed. We stand by the quality of our PVC products, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Trust Pittsburgh Pipe

We will deliver all your PVC pipes on schedule straight to your job site to ensure your project stays on schedule. We look forward to being the PVC supplier of your next project. Call us to see how we can help you complete your job today!