Pittsburgh Pipe is all about advancing our products and processes. That is why we utilize the Hydraulic Coupling Press. This tool has created a new industry standard for being one of the most simple and dependable products available.

How it Works

The ends of an innerduct are locked into a pair of hinged clamps and guided into the coupling by the small hydraulic pump. Then, springs inside the frame will return the clamp to its unloaded position after the process is complete.

Some of the benefits of our Hydraulic Coupling Press are:

  • Customization – Because of the programmability of the hydraulic press, our system can meet your specific requirements whether they are simple or more unique.
  • Flexibility – Our hydraulic press can be designed to perform down-acting, up-acting, side-acting and multi-action operations. Systems can then be put above, below, or adjacent to the press.
  • Maintenance & Service Costs – Because of its simplicity and standard components, the hydraulic duct coupling press has been proven to be very cost-effective for our partners. The important pieces of mechanical presses, like crankshafts, flywheels, and braking systems, are costly to replace or repair and can even require customization.
  • Extended Tool Life – By incorporating hydraulic relief valves into the hydraulic circuits, our press’ force will be unable to exceed the pressure that it is allowed to build. By doing this, we are reducing the amount of stress on the tooling and in return, extending the life of the tool.

The industry is constantly evolving. At Pittsburgh Pipe, we make it a priority to provide our customers with the very best when it comes to their projects. That is why we utilize the hydraulic coupling press for hydraulic fittings.

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