Keep your carrier pipes safe in their casing

When you need to install water and sewer carrier pipes in casing, Pittsburgh Pipe offers a number of casing spacer solutions made from popular materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, epoxy coated steel, and polyethylene. Casing insulators are used to support and insulate the carrier pipes within the casing. They also eliminate the need to fill the annulus within the casing with sand to insulate the inner pipe. By eliminating the inner fill, the casing and inner pipe can easily be repaired or removed later if needed which lowers installation and maintenance costs. These spacers are corrosion resistant and require no special tools or grease for installation; they are simply bolted on and secured to the casing.

Customizable casing spacer solutions for your unique project

Spacers for multiple pipes within one casing are available as well. We can also make spacers with special risers so that the invert of the carrier pipe can be aligned to grade properly in the field. Each end of the casing pipe can be sealed off with our most popular wrap-around casing end seals or with our pull-on end seals. Link seals are also available. Our engineers can customize your casing spacer solution by incorporating:

·         Multiple carriers in one casing

·         Thermally insulated pipe without damage to insulation

·         Smaller carriers in larger casings

·         Wheeled spacers for large diameter pipe

The material you buy from Pittsburgh Pipe can be customized to suit your project’s unique needs. We have the ability to manufacture casing spacers in the quantity you need at a competitive price and have it delivered exactly when you need it. All of our casing spacers and end seals are manufactured in the USA. Your casing spacers and end seals will usually ship two to three business days after your order is placed. Here are products and features we can add to your customized solution:

·         Stainless steel Casing spacers

·         Galvanized casing spacers

·         Epoxy coated casing spacers

·         Polyethylene casing spacers

·         Casing spacers with rollers

·         Multiple pipe casing spacers

·         Cut-to-fit casing spacers

·         Bevel by bevel

·         Wrap-around casing end seals

·         Pull-on end seals

Any material we deliver will be accompanied with our signature post-delivery support. Our technicians can supply complete shop drawings, quality assurance/quality control documentation, and certificates of compliance so that you are prepared for any inspection. Pittsburgh Pipe also will have a casing spacer expert on call 24/7 to help answer any questions or address any issues.

A manufacturing company like ours doesn’t stay in business for as long as we have by ignoring the needs of our customers or delivering inferior products. Our service goes beyond the sale, and we stand by our products and our quality long after the materials have been delivered.