What is Split PVC?

There are a number of complications that arise when renovating an existing space. One of the major issues is how to protect existing wires from exposure to the weather or open in potentially dangerous areas. When these wires can’t be moved, they can still be protected by split Schedule 40 PVC.

Split PVC conduit is an innovative and efficient way to enclose and shelter your wiring without needing to move or replace it. It can also be used to quickly repair damaged sections of conduit, avoiding a costly full replacement.

The unique interlocking design creates a smooth, tight seam that protects the wires inside from tampering, weather, or incidental damage. No additional tape, plastic or metal straps are needed. As with all our PVC materials, split PVC conduit is available in a number of diameters for any power or telecommunications application.

Why choose Pittsburgh Pipe?

Experience – With over 40-years of experience in developing, making, and sourcing the best PVC products for a wide variety of projects, Pittsburgh Pipe is your complete source for PVC and other building materials.

Quality production – Don’t compromise on quality, Pittsburgh Pipe’s manufacturing expertise combined with our 25-step inspection process ensures consistent, high-quality products.

Quality materials – Our PVC pipes are put through 25 quality tests to ensure our clients receive high-quality materials for all their construction jobs. Designed to endure a wide variety of applications including chemically corrosive jobs and liquid delivery systems, PVC pipes from Pittsburgh Pipe are an essential part to almost any project.

Customizable – While many companies carry PVC piping in standard sizes and sections, we offer our clients a wider variety of sizes and lengths so their projects can be completed faster with less hassle. Also, we can quote higher quantities of uniform sizes or shapes to suit your unique construction project.