PVC Conduit/Plain End/Balled End

How do you protect exposed wiring? With PVC electrical conduit from Pittsburgh Pipe.

Why use PVC?

When you choose to use PVC pipe as a conduit for your electrical needs, you are choosing a material that is superior to traditional construction materials such as wood or steel. PVC is much more durable and easier to use and when buying in bulk can be much more cost-effective.  PVC is longer lasting too as some examples have a useful life of more than 40 years. Our PVC conduit is moisture and corrosion resistant making it a popular choice for many telecommunications projects. Since it has a higher thermal coefficient of expansion, PVC conduit allows for expansion and contraction.

Types of PVC

Choosing the right material and features are critical to successful PVC conduit design. Pittsburgh Pipe offers the following high-quality materials:

Schedule 40 – This is the most common, and familiar style of PVC pipe. Schedule 40 is white and can readily be found in hardware stores. It is sturdy, rigid and easy to use.

Schedule 80 – For applications that require higher pressure, Schedule 80 PVC piping is more appropriate. Schedule 80 is usually grey and since it needs to handle more pressure, has thicker walls and therefore less inner diameter than Schedule 40.

C-duct telecom – This variety of PVC has superior weathering and aging characteristics and is well suited for burial or exposed surfaces like bridges or rooftops.

Split PVC – Split PVC has a seam down the middle of the pipe that either snaps together or uses a coupling. This is an innovative product that is good for enclosing existing cabling or for repairing exposed sections of conduit. The interlocking design keeps the assembly protected from weathering.

EB/DB – When you need to encase conduit in cement or need piping for horizontal underground electrical wiring use, Pittsburgh Pipe can supply specialized EB and DB.

Pittsburgh Pipe, your source for PVC conduit

At Pittsburgh Pipe, we know just how important it is to have the right supplies for your project. That is why we work hard to provide our customers with the PVC conduit that they need to ensure the total success of their project. The PVC we supply is the lightest conduit material and the most affordable type of conduit for every budget. Our PVC pipes come in a variety of sizes and thickness depending on the uses and where the PVC will be installed. However, it is important to know that when installing PVC underground in multiple or parallel run configurations, mutual heating could potentially cause problems with cable performance.

Our priority is to provide the best possible products and follow that up with top-notch customer service. Our employees are dedicated to supplying quality PVC electrical conduit and the correct PVC pipe sizes along with all related products to the telecommunications industry. Our knowledgeable team has been helping contractors complete their projects on time and budget for nearly 40 years. Call Pittsburgh Pipe today for all your PVC conduit needs!