Tonable Conduit

Make it easy to find pipes underground. The ever-growing system of networks underground continues to develop with updates and innovations. Pittsburgh Pipe is already at the forefront of design with specialty pipes used for fiber optics and network cabling. A tonable conduit is an additional option Pittsburgh Pipe offers for an easy installation or reinstallation process. When installing an underground system, the addition of a tonable duct will give you the ability to locate this essential piece of piping in the future quickly.

The Right Pipe, Right On Time

This additional tracer wire or conduit is corrosion resistant and allows for an alternative method of using pull tape. With the adding of a conduit, we make sure that water resistance isn’t compromised by giving our pipes 25 tests that ensure high-quality products across the board. Over 40-years of experience has helped Pittsburgh Pipe grow and develop the best pipes in America. See why many depend on “The Right Pipe, Right On  Time,” from Pittsburgh Pipe.