Increase the lifetime and effectiveness of your fiber optics by using smooth wall innerduct. HDPE and fiber optic piping are quickly becoming the most commonly used piping in many industries. Smoothwall HDPE is used in the underground raceway, and it is typically packaged in continuous reels. Available in many colors to make it easier to identify, smoothwall can be installed through trenching, plowing, or directional drilling. You can also select different wall thicknesses depending on the needs and installation methods used on your project.

When you are working to set-up the right underground electrical ducting, smoothwall innerduct is the perfect fiber optic technology. Smoothwall is easy to install and pull tape can be pre-installed eliminating the need to install a measuring tape after installation. We see an increase in housing subdivisions, cities, and business move their electric underground, and smoothwall innerduct is the reason why!

Our Commitment

If you need the right pipe, right on time, Pittsburgh Pipe is for you! We are not only able to meet all your needs, but we take great pride in ensuring that we can help you to find success with every project. Our team makes it easy for you to order and take delivery of your smoothwall innerduct, whether you are near us in St. Louis or if you are across the United States.

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