Direct Burial Cable

Less friction with additional strength, direct burial cable is an essential component of developing a successful networking system. These cables are built for inground installation and are protected against weathering, water, and rodent protection with our patented design that goes through 25 testing steps to ensure compliance. There are a couple of different designs burial cables can come in because they are built specifically to keep their shape and allow for flexibility without water damage from the outside elements. Although these cables are much stiffer than indoor cables, they have special reinforcement in the center to ensure pressure won’t cause any crushing. Pittsburgh Pipe offers varying types and lengths of direct burial cable to ensure your project will have the best options available when you need them.

Ribbed Wall Innerduct

When change is inevitable, ribbed wall innerduct can allow for changes in network systems. The ribbing allows for a high cross-sectional strength to prevent ovalization once installation is in process. Inner ribbed pipes allow for less friction for quicker, more efficient installations. When time is of the essence, you can trust Pittsburgh Pipe to provide the best ribbed ducting for your job. We offer a variety of widths, wall strengths, and colors to help you stay organized when you are finalizing your project.