Plenum Interducts

Plenum rated interduct with nonmetallic flexibility. You can count on the Pittsburgh Pipe team to provide a solution for long-term success and safety with our plenum interduct piping. For your optical fibers, we offer riser rated innerduct piping that will withstand heavy weights all while being flexible and lightweight enough for dynamic installations. These pipes adhere to industry standards such as UL 2024 and ASTM D 4216. Our other nonmetallic, flexible products include plenum rated interduct, which adheres to UL-(910), Article 880, and UL-2024. These plenum interducts are ideal for projects with pulls of less than 1000 feet and reduces the surface contact of cables that are pulled through the ducts.

Once installed, this piping will be buried in the ground, and it is critical that you invest in piping that won’t leak.
We offer a wide variety of choices:

  • Wall Thicknesses SDR 11 or SDR 13.5
  • Coil Lengths from 100’ to 1,000’
  • Straight Lengths in 20’, 40’ or 50’
  • ASTM Specifications F714, D3035 and D3350
  • PE3608 and PE4710

The Right Pipe, Right On Time

You can trust that with over 40 years in business, our team has the experience and equipment necessary for completing the job. Between our locations in St. Louis, Missouri, Buffalo, Missouri, and Litchfield, Illinois, we have 70 team members who work hard to deliver the best product possible to our customers. We will leverage this experience in working with customers from multiple industries to help you choose the right pipes for your upcoming project. The Pittsburgh Pipe motto is The Right Pipe, Right On Time, and all of the work we do attests to that mission.

No matter what type of project you are preparing for, you can count on Pittsburgh Pipe to provide high-quality materials you can depend on. We carry weld, surface, and end prep appearance to meet your needs. During our manufacturing process, each pipe is subject to 25 different inspections and measurements to ensure our customers receive the correct product. Besides plenum rated interduct, we offer steel casing pipes, pipe coatings, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our product offering or to get started on your plenum rated interduct project!