Think of future goals and save money over time. While Pittsburgh Pipe was founded on steel casing pipe, we are proud to have grown and expanded our offerings to include the necessary piping for all industries. Microducts are small ducts to make the installation of fiber optics easier! Microducts are primarily small in diameter, flexible, or semi-flexible ducts that are designed to provide clean, continuous, low-friction paths for placing cables that have relatively low pulling tension limits. Bundles of small microdcuts are installed within the main microduct, which protects the smaller microducts.

Did you know that using Microducts can help you save money in the future simply by thinking of future goals? Whether you are just starting a project, expanding one, or rehabbing a previous one, microducts are perfect to handle fiber optic projects. From the expansion of the information superhighway, electrical, power, energy, or the communication industry, microdcuts are a considerable part of that growth and success.

Our Commitment

When you need the right pipe, right on time, Pittsburgh Pipe is the supplier for you! We are not only able to meet all your needs, but we take great pride in ensuring that we help you to find success with every project. Our nationwide distribution channels and our easy access to railway, boat, and truck transportation allows us to get you the products promptly, ensuring that your job stays on schedule and budget!

Whether you are starting a new project or working on an old one, if you are in the market for microducts or any other piping, Pittsburgh Pipe is here for you! We encourage you to take a look at our website to see our services available or give us a call. We would like the chance to speak with you about what we can do for you, our pricing, and have you join our family as a happy customer!