For a modern, reliable, and strong solution to your cable protection needs, choose Pittsburgh Pipe’s Figure 8 Duct—easy to install, and built to last. Ideal for projects that need secure protection in areas with limited access, Figure 8 Duct is perfect for keeping your cables safe. Figure-eight construction with additional EHS (Extra High Strength) is perfectly suited to maximize the potential use of a confined space. The galvanized support strand enables a one-step aerial installation. Easily accessible and built to withstand whatever comes its way, Figure 8 Duct is the definition of performance under pressure.

Manufactured with top-quality HDPE materials, Figure 8 Duct is durable. It contains black carbon and antioxidants for the added repelling of harmful UV rays which could compromise the structure of the duct. Figure 8 Duct enables easy installation with fewer joints and longer lengths. The material you use should be durable and easy to access for successful project completion. Figure 8 Duct’s EHS manufacturing and one-step aerial implementation get the job done and earn your trust, so you don’t have to second-guess the product you’re working with.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, efficient products that make your installation easier. EHS manufacturing and battle-tested UV protection ensure a reliable answer for your protection needs. Once you cover your fiber cables, you shouldn’t have to worry about breaches immediately after.

Don’t limit yourself to conventional, rigid cable solutions. Pittsburgh Pipe wants to ensure your next project is as quick and easy as possible. With our aerial installation capabilities and durable build, Figure 8 Duct will stand the test of time. Easy to maneuver, easy to install, and easy to trust—isn’t that what you want from your cable protection?