Expansion joints ensure a correct fit every time. There are many different reasons as to why an aerial duct is the better option for you and your business. Some of the purposes for aerial ducts include road and rail crossings, trolley crossings, and water crossings. An aerial conduit application provides an efficient mean of supporting cable which can easily be replaced or allow for adding additional cables without requiring anyone to enter into hazardous or hard to reach areas. Another thing to consider in your search for aerial innerduct is UV protection. This sunlight protection is available only in materials with special carbon black pigments because the constant direct exposure to UV radiation significantly shortens the lifetime of unprotected conduit materials.

In addition to our specialty types of aerial duct, we use expansion joints that are designed primarily for aerial conduit installations. The purpose of this specific design feature is to absorb thermal expansion and contraction created by temperature changes, which can be present when dealing with above ground installation.

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