Ground freezing/soil freezing pipes have been used in construction for more than 100 years for soil stabilization to cut off groundwater and to support excavation in unstable soils.

Small diameter freeze pipes are installed into the ground, usually vertically in a grid configuration. As a coolant, such as brine or liquid nitrogen, is pumped in a continuous loop into the grid, water existing in the surrounding soil begins to freeze and eventually forms a wall. The resulting soil wall is roughly the strength of concrete.

One of the main uses of ground freezing is in deep shaft excavation. It is also used extensively in mining, foundation excavation, and pump station construction, as well as environmental remediation and groundwater cutoff. Its best use is for projects where excavation support and groundwater cutoff are required, especially for deep and large excavations.

Pittsburgh Pipe provides carbon steel and aluminum pipes for soil freezing. We can provide seamless or welded pipes in single random lengths, double random lengths and custom lengths. End caps are normally shipped to the job site separately, as are HDPE coils and loops.

As a manufacturer, distributor, and fabricator of steel pipes and as a distributor of HDPE pipe, we provide virtually all possible diameter/wall thickness / SDR ratings/length configurations you require.

When your project requires soil stabilization, Pittsburgh Pipe can provide:

  • Freeze Pipes
  • Carbon Steel or Aluminum
  • Seamless or Welded
  • In ASTM Specifications A106 or A53
  • HDPE Coils / HDPE Loops
  • Weld-On End Caps
  • Material Storage