Pipe Bollards, also called Security, Parking and Safety Bollards, are used to protect buildings and property from damage or intrusion. They are commonly used in small and large retail properties to prevent damage by vehicles. Many energy facilities, such as wind and electric power generating facilities, use bollards to fortify security around the property and the equipment installations within the facility. Underground fiber optic or electrical lines are marked at the surface with bollards for contractor convenience and safety. Rail and transport facilities use them to ensure public safety and prevent vehicle entry into hazardous areas. Ornamental bollards are commonly used as pathway and entrance guides at numerous public recreation facilities.

Pittsburgh Pipe can provide pipe bollards in the following specifications:

  • 6” to 16” Diameter
  • ¼” to 5/8” Wall Thickness
  • Custom Lengths to Meet Your Requirements
  • Primed, Painted or Galvanized Surface Treatments
  • Stainless Steel for Ornamental Bollards
  • Custom Diameters and Wall Thicknesses to Meet Your Requirements

Pittsburgh Pipe can also offer the following options to meet your bollard needs:

  • Lifting Eyes for Temporary or Retractable Bollards
  • Neoprene Bollard Covers in Numerous Colors, Including “Safety Yellow”
  • Padded “Bumper” Bollard Covers to Minimize Impact Damage
  • Custom-Printed Bollard Covers

Bollards are typically among the last things to be installed on a project. We can easily take care of your requirements and allow you to manage the more demanding aspects of your project. Whether one of the standard options listed above or a special requirement you may have, let Pittsburgh Pipe help you on your next project.