We can supply customized pipe, conduit, exotic alloy flanges, boiler tubes, and steel fittings for any industrial or construction application. Our process allows us to apply custom features to any product including specialized bending patterns for chemical plants and refineries and process piping installations where critical need has developed during an outage, shutdown or emergency repair.

Our manufactured solutions are achieved through a combination of our refined manufacturing processes and our long-term alliances with manufacturers and master distributors of these products. Our team will quickly respond to your quote and can expedite delivery of your customized solution.

We offer customized solutions for the following:

·         Billboard Sign Posts

·         Boiler Tube

·         Bollards

·         Fabrication Services

·         Geothermal Pipe

·         HDPE Pressure Pipe and Fittings

·         Prime Pipe

·         Rathole Casing/Conductor Casing

·         Road Plate

·         Soil Freezing Pipe

·         Stainless Steel Pipe

·         Waterwell Casing


At Pittsburgh Pipe, our manufacturing processes include 25 separate inspections and measurements to assure our customers receive the correct product for their project. We have worked directly with installation contractors, general contractors, and project owners which gives us the experience to work with you to find the best steel piping solution possible.