Pittsburgh Pipe understands that keeping your steel pipe cost down is crucial to your project’s budget, as well as ensuring that your material is ready when you need it. With 11 acres available at our facilities in St. Louis, MO, and Litchfield, IL, we can accommodate any pipe storage needs you may have. This allows you to order your steel at today’s pricing and avoid the uncertainty of steel cost fluctuations weeks or months before you need your pipe.

Our experienced, safety-certified steel yard handlers, along with our transportation department, will schedule and facilitate your deliveries, load and unload, store your job-specific piling material to our facilities, and will keep it segregated from our inventory for you or your inspectors. Photographs and documentation of your safely stored material will be forwarded to you upon request.

Pittsburgh Pipe has more than three decades of experience in handling and transporting steel pipe and steel products. When you are ready to receive your material, our highly experienced traffic department, in cooperation with our long-established logistics partners, can deliver the products to you via truck, rail or barge. These established partnerships continue to facilitate fast, cost-efficient, accurate deliveries, giving Pittsburgh Pipe and our customers a competitive edge.


Centrally located in the Midwest, we can schedule your loads to be picked up by your heavy haulers, or through any one of our dozens of steel haulers. Transportation to transloaders, rail hubs or barge loading location is available upon request.

Please discuss your needs with your Pittsburgh Pipe account representative. Let us present for you a comprehensive storage and logistics solution for your drill pipe, piling pipe and caisson material that will allow you to concentrate on more pressing project challenges.

PLUS, while your pipe is here Pittsburgh Pipe’s certified welding team can attach your needed end plates, conical points or weld-on drive shoes and couplers.