Pittsburgh Pipe can apply lacquer, bituminous, coal tar, coal tar epoxy, red primer and other common pipe coatings to the inside and outside diameter of your steel piling pipe. Our coating manufacturer produces a variety of bituminous paint products and other protective coatings specifically designed to match known specifications.

When required, specialized coatings of primers, epoxies and polyurethane coatings can be applied by one of Pittsburgh Pipe’s pipe coating company partners. Your pipe can be coated to meet your particular project specifications, as well as LEED® and other Green specifications when required.

Whether your piling applications are a foundation, marine or bulkhead, or even salt water, Pittsburgh Pipe and our coating partners will meet your industrial coating needs as well as your project schedule.

We can supply and apply the coatings called for in your project specifications, including:

  • Lacquer
  • Bituminous
  • Bituminous Asphalt
  • Coal Tar
  • Coal Tar Epoxy
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy
  • Red Primer
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Specialized Coatings to Meet AWWA C200, USACE Specifications and your
  • DOT Specifications

Pittsburgh Pipe takes great care shipping your coated steel pipe to your job site safely, using well-known industry standards and care.