Pittsburgh Pipe offers a variety of drive-fit couplings to meet your project’s piling needs and specification requirements. Our certified welders can accommodate the pre-welding of coupling onto your pipe piles before delivery to your job site.

Drive-fit couplings, also called weld-on couplings, cut costs and speed installation by eliminating delays caused by butt welding pipe piles. Drive-Fit makes a smooth outside casting that is tapered each way from a heavy-centered ledge to create a tight drive fit that does not require any welding. A splicer is slipped on the driven piles while the next length is picked up, speeding production. This also eases pile alignment in both vertical and batter piles. If welding is required, the splicer can be supplied without a taper, then slipped on and welded in advance. Driving is then done on the splicer.

Drive-fit couplings are especially advantageous when headroom is limited and short lengths of pipe must be used. Each addition can be driven right down to the ground line. If uplift capacity is necessary, the splicers can be made to weld-fit and pre-attach to the lower length before lifting into the leads.

We Can Provide:

  • Couplings Made in the USA
  • Diameters from 8 5/8″ to 48″
  • ASTM A27 Grade 65/35 or ASTM A149 Grade 90/60