Crosshole Sonic Logging has become the most requested test method for drilled shaft integrity with Departments of Transportation (DOT) throughout the United States. Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) test tubes are usually attached to the reinforcement cage along the full length of the shaft. Most commonly the CSL tubes are required to be produced in a 1.5” or 2” diameter with a schedule 40 wall thickness. CSL Tubes are to be threaded with watertight caps and couplers and meet the specifications of ASTM A53 Grade B U.S. Steel with mill test reports.

Pittsburgh Pipe has become the premier CSL testing tubes provider in the United States. With years of steel experience and the feedback we have received from our customers across the country, we can specifically design and fabricate the CSL tubes for your project. We can fabricate CSL tubes to custom-fit each drilled shaft based on total length of the shaft. This process cuts down on material waste and time in the field while saving our customers money.

We can thread tubes in lengths from 1’ to 42’. We use malleable iron couplers to join the CSL tubes together or malleable iron caps to close off the end of the tube. Pittsburgh Pipe ships your specifically-designed CSL tubes straight to the job site ready to be installed. The days of cutting tubes and threading in the field are over thanks to our custom fabricating process. All exposed threads are carefully protected using durable thread protectors to eliminate potential damage during shipping.

Pittsburgh Pipe supplies:

  • Domestic U.S. Steel, ASTM – A53 Grade B, with Full Mill Test Reports
  • Tubes Manufactured in 1.5” and 2” Diameter, Schedule 40
  • Tubes Manufactured in Lengths from 1’ to 42’
  • Custom Tube Lengths Based Upon Drilled Shaft Depths
  • Watertight Malleable Iron Caps & Couplers
  • Tubes Threaded Both Ends
  • Exposed Threads are Protected Using Pittsburgh Pipe Thread Protectors