When your job requires the assurance of the safety and strength of field joints, pipe bands on welded joints is what is needed. Bands can be used on defective “trouble spots” on piping systems at highways, rivers and railroad crossings, at over-bends and tie-ins, in marshy ground, near buildings and other places where special precautions are necessary, and strength of field joints is critical.

Our custom sized reinforcing weld bands lend themselves to field welding using ordinary field welding procedures. Pipe bands are shop-fabricated and prepared with standard welding bevel, machine flame cut for uniformity and ease of welding, and can be supplied in various sizes, widths, and thicknesses.

Built to exact tolerances, Pittsburgh Pipe’s weld bands will meet all technical specifications required for project approval.

Some features of weld bands we supply include:

  • Custom Sizes Up To 100”
  • Thicknesses Starting At ¼”
  • Split or Continuous Ring
  • Can Be Shipped Attached or Loose

Let Pittsburgh Pipe strengthen your field joints with custom-made weld bands.