Our fabrication services can customize any horizontal casing material you need to complete your project.  To meet our customers’ growing need for fabricated pipe, Pittsburgh Pipe has added steel fabrication services for pipe used as bore casing, drilled shafts, piling, cross sonic logging (CSL) tubes, bollards and water well casing.


Pittsburgh Pipe will handle all services including design, from prototype to production. We will work with you to produce exact drawings, translate them to shop drawings, or even start from scratch from an initial design.

When it comes time to build what you need, we feature extensive fabrication capabilities which include weld band fabrication and attachment, grout holes, split casing, pipe saddles, turning slots, lifting lugs/picking eyes, end plates, cutting teeth, conical point and drive shoe attachment, rock crusher fabrication and attachment, fin pile fabrication and attachment, and pipe threading (2” – 12 ¾”).


Casing Pipe Fabrication Services:

●     Weld Bands

●     Grout Holes

●     Split Casing

●     Pipe Saddles


Drilled shaft fabrication services

●     Weld Bands

●     Turning slots

●     Cutting teeth

●     Lifting lugs

●     Picking eyes


Piling fabrication services

●     End plates

●     Conical points

●     Drive shoes

●     Rock crushers

●     Spin fins

●     Threading (CSL tubes)

As with all our products, the material you buy from Pittsburgh Pipe can be customized to suit your project’s unique needs. We have the ability to manufacture materials in the quantity you need at a competitive price and have it delivered exactly when you need it.


●     Customized lengths

●     Customized fabrication

●     Pipe coatings and finishes

●     Bevelling by square ends and bevel ends

●     Square by inverted bevel ends

●     Square by half bevel/half inverted bevel ends


Any material we deliver will be accompanied by our signature post-delivery support. Our technicians can supply complete shop drawings, quality assurance/quality control documentation, and certificates of compliance so that you are prepared for any inspection. Pittsburgh Pipe also will have a steel casing expert on call 24/7 to help answer any questions or address any issues. You don’t stay in business for as long as we have by ignoring the needs of our customers or delivering inferior products. Our service goes beyond the sale and we stand by our products and our quality long after the materials have been delivered.


When you need fabricated piping products for your unique project, it is important that you choose a company that has the experience to make sure the materials you purchase are perfect for your needs. Pittsburgh Pipe has been providing quality casing and piping products since 1977. All of our employees are dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with you. Whether you are a contractor on a single project or a company needing customized parts, we will do what it takes to earn your trust and be your go-to metal fabrication company for years to come.