A welding band is a fixture that is designed to attach to the pipe and be pulled together by a latching mechanism, usually one that is spring loaded. This is placed at a predetermined distance from the weld groove.

When ease of alignment and welding is what you’re after, Pittsburgh Pipe custom manufactures welding bands to fit your job specifications. Based on your needs we can furnish weld bands loose, I.D. welded, or O.D. welded. They can be attached recessed, flush or extended.

Customizable welding bands for your project

The material you buy from Pittsburgh Pipe can be customized to suit your project’s unique needs. We have the ability to procure welding bands in the quantity you need at a competitive price and have it delivered exactly when you need it. Your welding bands will usually ship two to three business days after your order is placed. Here are products and  features we can add to your customized solution:


·         Welding band sized from 6” to 120”

·         Band thicknesses from .375” to 1.5”

·         Welding bands can be supplied in any length

·         Welding bands can be either loose or attached (to the O.D. or the I.D.)


When you have a ramming, auger boring or pipe jacking job and strength is what you need, Pittsburgh Pipe also manufactures overcut bands to reinforce the ends of your pipes. Our overcut bands have the following features:


·         6” long

·         Band thicknesses from .375” to .500”

·         O.D. installed flush or near flush with the end of the pipe

·         Our overcut bands can be custom manufactured to your exact project specifications


Any material we deliver will be accompanied by our signature post-delivery support. Our technicians can supply complete shop drawings, quality assurance/quality control documentation, and certificates of compliance so that you are prepared for any inspection. Pittsburgh Pipe also will have a welding band expert on call 24/7 to help answer any questions or address any issues.


A manufacturing company like ours doesn’t stay in business for as long as we have by ignoring the needs of our customers or delivering inferior products. Our service goes beyond the sale, and we stand by our products and our quality long after the materials have been delivered.


With Pittsburgh Pipe, you can be assured that you are purchasing the best possible materials for your project. Whether you are repairing existing structures or building new, we can customize any material in any quantity. This ensures that your limited budget is being used wisely to purchase the best products available. Call Pittsburgh Pipe today for a free consultation, and we can show you how we can bring your company the best results on your investment.